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January 29, 2016 • Glassware

Growing Trend of a Stem less Wine Glass

Have you seen what individuals are utilizing to drink wine out of nowadays? Numerous individuals are changing to another style of wine glass, one without stems. They look simply like a customary tumbler that you would use to drink water, juice, or different mixed drinks out of, yet they are made for drinking wine from.

Presently, you might think about how they can be made distinctively to drink wine rather than drinking whatever else. First off, Lyra is one of the creators of the wine tumbler, and they design their tumblers to upgrade the essence of the wine as they make their other wine glasses. Something else that makes these wine tumblers unique in relation to a normal tumbler is the thickness of the glass. The stem less wine glasses have a more slender edge.

We have heard remarks from individuals saying that they are exceptionally against these new style of wine tumbles, however we have affection for them. Here are a couple of our reasons.

  • More stable than stemmed glasses, so there is to a lesser degree a shot of thumping it over.
  • The stem less wine glasses are much simpler to run through a dishwasher.
  • Because these glasses are stem less, they will consume up less space in your kitchen organizers, implying that you can have a shorter cupboard space to place them in.
  • If you don’t have space in your kitchen or lounge area for a wine glass rack, with these sorts of glasses you don’t require separate capacity.
  • If you are truly short on bureau space, these can be stacked like ordinary tumblers.

Wine tumblers are useful for ordinary use, though a few individuals might surmise that stemmed wineglasses are excessively fancy for regular use. They are additionally extraordinary for open air excitement where you might not have the same smooth table surface as though you were captivating inside. The additional solidness of the stem less wineglasses might spare some of your glasses from breakage.



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