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February 8, 2016 • Glassware

Holding Your Wine Glass Properly

Wine can be an exceptionally intimidating wander. The business is such that we are frequently left confounded: what is correct, what isn’t right, which wine is the best? The most effective method to hold a wine glass legitimately is really high up on the rundown of drinking wine the “right route”, falling behind selecting and requesting wine on the Anxiety-o-Meter, yet right nearby the tasting (Swirl-Sniff-Sip) process. Everything comes down to: we would prefer not to look doltish! We become involved with the “right path,” attempting to take after the way things “ought to be” finished. Obviously, there is no “ought to do” or “right path” as far as getting a charge out of wine.

We’ve seen various minor departures from how to hold a wine glass, everything from getting a handle on the tumbler to utilizing two fingers to hold the stem to resting the base of the glass in your palm. As far as stemware, the stem presumably causes the most disarray. Where to hold?

To answer this inquiry, you should first comprehend why you may hold certainly: the objective is to save the wine’s ideal temperature, which is 55 degrees. Wrapping your hand around the tumbler will bring about the wine to warm, in the long run. What’s more, it can age somewhat while doing as such. While that can warm up a colder red, you can see it represents a difficult issue for white wine, which we like, chilled (frequently much colder than the suggested 55 degrees). In this way, that is essentially: on the off chance that you have chilled wine, does whatever it takes not to embrace the tumbler excessively, for danger of warming up your wine. Then again, in case you’re setting it down between tastes, there is no genuine reason not to get it by its tumbler. Truth is told, considering the ascent in prevalently of stem-less wine glasses just affirms that holding wine by the tumbler is not “low class” or “not done.”

However, it is less demanding to whirl the wine and investigate it for debasements when you hold it by the stem. You can tip it forward, slosh it around, and look at the shading and any residue thusly. This is harder to 1do nimbly in case you’re holding the tumbler. It’s likewise most likely the essential reason wine consumers hold their glasses by the stem.

What’s the answer, then? Do what feels great there is nobody right approach to hold your wine glass. What’s more, do what feels normal to you. That is what is important.



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